P 7

BFT P7 is a compact and robust automatic gate operator, perfectly adapted for the needs of small collective or residential buildings. It is compatible with mid-sized swing gate leafs, up to 7m in length and 500kg in weight.

The hydraulic performances and slow-down features ensure a quiet and smooth gate operation.

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BFT P7 swing gate operator is a robust and compact opener, perfectly adapted for semi-intensive use installations, like collective and residential buildings.

High performance and quiet, this is a high safety gate operator, especially with the anti-crushing system.

With it’s adjustable fixing leg, it’s easy to install and set up.


Quick and easy installation

BFT P7 gate operator is equiped with an adjustable fixing leg and an articulated rod which helps make installation particularly quick and easy.

Manual opening

P7 operator is easy to unlock in the case of a power cut thanks to the unlocking cable made from brass and the customised opening key.

Quiet and smooth

The operator’s slowing down mechanism ensures a smooth and quiet movement, whatever the size of the gate leafs. Thanks to the adjustable screw, it is possible to adapt the slowing-down to any situation.

  • Command unit: ALCOR N. RIGEL 5
  • Power: 230V
  • Absorbed power: 250W
  • Maximum opening angle: 123°
  • Slow down: in closing
  • Impact reaction: hydraulic clutch
  • Blocking: electric lock
  • Frequency of use: very intensive
  • Unlicking: reversible
  • Temperature: from -10°C to 60°C
  • Protection: IP55