Lux BT

BFT Lux BT is a range of swing gate operators, for intensive use. Compact and robust, they can operate swing gates of weights up to 500kg and lengths of up to 5m.

With it’s next generation command unit, with a screen,  it is an easy to program operator especially with the scenario system.

More info

BFT Lux BT is a swing gate operator made with hydraulic cylinders, it’s very strong and robust. It is able to operate very heavy swing gates, up to 800kg in weight and 5m in length.

With a smart safety system, an anti-crushing machanism, simplified programmation, this is a high performance operator, designed for industrial, collective and residential gates.

Smart command unit

The smart command unit with a screen is easy and quick to program.

High performance and precision

The absolute coder of the 24V version guarantees a high precision of the limit switch (opening and closing). Torque is managed by D-Track technology.

  • Command unit: ALCOR N. RIGEL5
  • Power: 230V
  • Absorbed power: 250W
  • Slowing down: no
  • Impact reaction: hydraulic clutch
  • Frequency of use: very intensive
  • Temperature: from -10°C to 60°C
  • Protection: IP57