BFT Moovi is a range of operators for rising barriers. They are designed for passages up to 6m in width. With many compatible accessories, these BFT Moovi operators are very versatile and efficient.

Plus d'infos

BFT Moovi operators are designed for rising barrier arms of lengths up to 6m. Easy to program thanks to the command unit, with an integrated screen, these rising barrier operators are highly reliable, even when used frequently.

Easy to program

BFT Moovi operators have an integrated screen to set the various programs easily.


BFT Moovi is a high performance, reliable barrier operator. But it is also quick. The 30S version is able to open or close in only 1,5 seconds (plus the slow-down time).

  • Passage: 3m
  • Command unit: Alpha Bom
  • Power: 230V
  • limit switch: electric, incorporated and adjustable
  • Blocking: mechanical
  • Unlocking: key
  • Usage: semi intensive
  • Temperature: from -20°C to 50°C
  • Protection: IP24