Igea LB BT

BFT Igea LB is a range of industrial operators, designed for large size folding doors, with a maximum of 4 door leafs. Highly secure, these BFT industrial openers are very precise when in movement and slow down before stopping.

Igea LB operator is also equiped with an anti-crushing system  to reduce all risks of accidents. Discrete and efficient, BFT Igea LB is a high performance operator for folding industrial doors.

More info

BFT Igea LB opener is designed to operate industrial folding doors, with up to 4 leafs. This openers guarantees a very high precision and optimal anti-crushing safety.

Easy to install

BFT Igea range is easy to install thanks to it’s programmation screen, automatic settings menu and virtual coder in it’s 24V version.

Smart systems

BFT Igea BT has various smart technology systems on board, like incorporated and adjustable electromagnetic limit switches or the smart unlocking system with a steel cable.

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