BFT Argo is a high performance operator for industrial sectional doors. With a lot of torque (55N.m) it is designed for a frequent and intensive use (many daily cycles). The maximum area of the door is 20 square metres.

Plus d'infos

BFT Argo operator is adapted for use on industrial, commercial and residential garage doors. It is powerful and robust. With a command unit using a microchip processor, it is extremely reliable and long lasting.

Safety wise, BFT Argo is a very precise operator when in movement, and also has obstacle detection. The actual technology is called ‘D-Track” and uses a virtual coder.

High precision operator

“D-Track” smart system manages the torque, speed and position of the door. The command unit is very easy to program. An incorporated two channel receiver is included.

The limit switches use coder technology for greater precision and high reliability.

Quick and secure installation

The reset handle (patented) allows one to reset the position of the code, for quick and secure installations.



  • Door area: 20m²
  • Max torque: 55Nm
  • Max speed: 30rpm
  • Command unit: VENERE D ARGO
  • Output revolutions: 30rpm
  • Power: 24V
  • Absorbed power: 240W
  • Limit switches: coder
  • Slow down: yes
  • Impact reaction: d-track
  • Blocking: mechanical
  • Manual opening: irreversible
  • Unlocking: cord or steel cable
  • Frequency of use: intensive
  • Temperature: from -15°C to 55°C