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SDA’s entry level range. 40mm insulated panels with BFT Tiziano openers.

The most customisable SDA 40mm garage door. Over 50,000 worldwide sales.

High sound and insulation performance with Isoladoor’s 60mm panels.

Next generation sliding garage doors. Easy to install and highly insulated.

Up-and-over garage door by SDA. Robust, long-lasting and higly customisable.

Exclusive SDA design: Kameleo garage door blends seamlessly into the background.


SDA quality

Besides the quality of SDA’s manufactured products, our company offers many unique services which make a real difference to our customers.

We offer technical assistance, the development of specific products for our clients, we supply end-customer leads as well as commercial brochures and samples… SDA has redefined the notion of customer service and has become one of it’s major strengths.


Official BFT supplier

SDA distributes BFT products in all of northern France. Our company has developed a special relationship with BFT, starting over 15 years ago. With it’s long experience in garage door and gates openers and accessories, SDA’s technical department knows all about BFT products and how to use them.

We like to customise

To make sure our clients are satisfied, SDA offers high levels of customisation. Nothing is too much. From the coating on our panels to the colour of our remote controls, SDA has developed a full range of customisable products. There are no two SDA doors alike.

Order your doors online


SDA Online lets your order your garage doors online. Developed by SDA in France, it is a powerful tool, which lets you design any garage door on your own computer, tablet or smartphone. You even get your quote in real time.


Constant innovation

SDA has a research and development team, made up of a designer in chief, a draftsman and a technical expert. The team is in charge of designing all new product and improvements.

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